Making Things Happen: Book Review

A great book that I'm revisiting as I write the curriculum for my risk management training program (which will later be found at  So, in revisiting this book, and since I'm a definite fan of it, I thought I'd write a quick review.

While the PMI and their published book of knowledge (PMBOK) are considered by many to be the standard in IT project management, I found this book to go far above and beyond those. While the PMBOK is a great reference book for various PM related tools, this book actually speaks to how to manage, how to deal with difficult situations, and many simple tricks of the trade.

It also demystifies project management and speaks to it at a level where anyone can grasp its basics.  For anyone who has read the PMBOK, you'll quickly notice that this book, while just as thick, doesn't cover many of the areas that the PMBOK does.  Instead, it seems to follow more of the 80/20 rule in that it covers the 20% of project management that provides you with 80% of what you need although in reality, the 20% it covers is more like 95% of what you'll need and rather than diving complex processes with inputs like "Enterprise Environmental Factors", tools like Monte Carlos and Ishikawa diagrams, or massive outputs that would need a team of consultants to develop, it speaks on how to use simple lists, effective meetings and common sense.

If you're studying to get your PMP or CAPM certifications, get the PMBOK (or better yet, this PMP Prep Book).  If you're trying to manage project, get this book!

I highly recommend this for Project Managers, Managers and Team Leaders.

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Veronica said...

Heading out to the bookstore to get the book. I'll share my thoughts later :)